W&W: Credenzas with trays at Italian brunch



Sergey Makhno Architects
November 14, 2018


Type: lighting
Dimensions: 25 variations
Material: wood, metal
Color: white, olive, beige, orange, wooden
Author: Sergey Makhno, Ihor Havrylenko

Rome, Italy. 3 pm.

Waitresses and waiters are waltzing among the tables with the trays full of wine glasses, Pizza Napoletana, Spaghetti all’Amatriciana, fried artichokes, and sweet melon, filling the glasses without asking. Red Bordeaux, Chardonnay or Rosé? One glass or two or a bottle? Which course of events you’re expecting today?

You are enjoying your branch, but you already want to come back for another slice of Napolitana and that comforting atmosphere. Such a service flatters your tourist’s heart.

You don’t have to go anywhere, though. Here, in the heart of Ukraine, we have it too.

Commode + tray

There are 24 Waitresses&Waiters, wearing white-olive-beige-orange-wooden aprons, with either white or reddish legs.

Some are rushing to you with a tray, some are just waiting for you to make an order. W&W take care of your wine glasses, fresh fashion magazines, ficus, and zucchini.

Because of you

You are the priority. And they are those charming cabinets bringing cozy summer vibes into your home.

«No officialism, they are your good friends, who will always welcome you home. At their place, or at yours, at someone else’s – no one is ashamed, because each of them can fit in, – adds Ihor Havrylenko, product designer and creator of the W&W. – All of them can fit perfectly into any interior»

All of them. Alessandro and Luciano, Bella and Francesca, Alonzo, Frederica, Teodoro. They are relatives under Sergey Makhno Architects family crest.


Author – Daria Sushko, Alina Kulyk
Visuals – Ihor Havrylenko