Of what the star was born? Wabi Sabi Apartment in accents and details



Sergey Makhno Architects
November 30, 2018


Sergey Makhno Architects’ design is about to “art” the world around.

Wabi Sabi Apartment is the winner of The Architecture MasterPrize 2018, the finalist of two international design contests. Ukrainian project has more than 50 publications in worldwide honorable media.

“We are heard and our philosophy is clear to world, appreciated by it”, − says Ukrainian architect and designer Sergey Makhno.

Its success is based on tiniest details that any naked eye will never notice. The important point is to complete the interior with the right products. It is all about creating pleasant spaces not only to look at but also to live in.

It was important to make two cultures meet − Ukrainian and Japanese.

There are the ancient vases of Cucuteni-Trypillian culture, a 17th-century table in the master bedroom, wooden portals between the rooms were decorated with processed trunks of trees on the pristine millstones. Traditional Ukrainian woolen carpets OBERIG and LIUBOV represent the soul of Ukraine man.

All the things that clients lack the courage to do.

Pay attention to surfaces: untouched rough wood, concrete of correct-grey color, all walls – finished with clay.


Firstly, Vlada, Sergey’s wife, and his main muse was strictly against «living in a cave». Why using simple clay when they create and produce heart-breaking art tile. Then she realized:

“In all our apartments my husband experiments. The craziest ideas we must try on ourselves”.

Please, place yourself in natural shades.

Earthy, sky, grassy green.

Warm sandy ELEPHANTs care about your Christmas dinner. Their texture and structure are carefully selected for you to sit as comfortable as possible, to doze or dance.

Deep black SIDAI welcome your Monday-morning quick coffee. They are specific but so convenient. SIDAI chairs are Sergey’s soulmates.

Instead of pets, there are 7 bonsai to look after.

And nearly the same amount of ceramic ones. Sergey is a collector and Vlada is a professional decorator. That’s why the apartment is very detail oriented with ancient ceramics, contemporary art pieces and things with a history, the marks of time.

Lighting to look after the family’s dreams.

Sergey Makhno created this two-storey apartment for his own family of four: two adults with extraordinary visions of things and two kids.

Black copper lamps and blue ceramic NEBO above the dining area. It reflects the consistency of the bluish coniferous forest. Immature form, rusty copper – two favorite collocations of Sergey Makhno.

More like an art object collaboration of lamps ZERNO.


Fairy PARASOLKA for a younger son.

Massive smoky lamp PEAR in the kitchen. A juicy summer gift. This gypsum lamp looks pretty massive, or pretty and massive.

A couple of textured lamps LAKUNA in the bedroom.

All uniquely dreamed up by Sergey Makhno himself.

Wabi Sabi is more difficult. It is not a style, but a state of mind. You have to feel it and to fall in love with it.

As we did.


Author – Daria Sushko
Main Visual – Nikita Uvarov
Photo – Andrey Avdeenko

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