Uma: A lamp that flies high



Sergey Makhno Architects
October 1, 2018


Type: lighting
Dimensions: 310 x 260 mm
Material: ceramics, copper
Color: a palette of natural shades
Authors: Sergey Makhno, Ulyana Zachkevych

Uma lamps are birds that were the first settlers in a magical land called Ukrsavana. This place is made by the hands of an architect and product designer Sergey Makhno and his team with threads of Ukrainian traditions, Japanese culture of wabi-sabi, minimalism and contemporary art.

Uma is elegant, but not mannered. Educated, but not snobbery. Its magic light can warm frozen ground and tired hearts. It also has the ability to change color – you can choose it from a natural palette – and it perfectly complements any interior.

I never know the final result of my drawings. I just draw and the form of the product leads itself. That’s how Uma appeared. They remind me of the birds that fly at the seaside. Colored in the depths. Lead by the freedom. When I look at them I always picture a house with the opened doors that face the ocean. And this very room is full of Umas. They swing in the ocean breeze. They are home, but they are free, – tells the product designer Ulyana Zachkevych.

Made in copper, it will compose a glamorous interior feeling, but without frills. In general, one shouldn’t be interested in metal and should add it to the interior step by step by using small but expressive accents. And it is just about Uma.

Ceramic Uma will add some authenticity and refined simplicity to your space. We create Uma in ceramics in our own workshop.

You don’t always want to highlight in sophists the best moments, as well as we don’t want to say the main words out loud. Uma is an ideal additional lighting: it pays attention to one thing and leaves something else in the shade.

Author – Tetiana Vakula
Visuals – Ulyana Zachkevych

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