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Sergey Makhno Architects
February 6, 2019


Projects: 600
Countries: 19
Employees: 58
Awards: 67
Publications: 800


The creative ones.     

Sergey Makhno Architects is a workshop of modern Ukrainian design and architecture, based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and founded in 2003 by an architect, interior designer, and a ceramist Sergey Makhno.

We create art pleasant not only to look at but also to live in:

  1. Architecture. We design spaces from the concept to realization.
  2. Interior design. It may be your future house, office, bar, restaurant, or library. We don’t care what. We care how.
  3. Product design. A limited collection of modern furniture and decor. Each lamp, chair or tile is handmade and custom designed. By people for people.

Our mission

Our main task is to art the world. For those, who want more than “ok”. We also believe that beauty creates beauty. To make more beautiful around, we turned our design into art.

Our values

  1. Creativeness. The madder — the better.
  2. Boldness. In design decisions, concepts, and ideas.
  3. Team. We are different from each other, but together we are different from everybody else out there.
“This company was built intuitively. It wasn’t about starting a business, but about an enormous pursuit to make spaces breathe. And thankfully I found those, who shared this urge. Now we create art out of ordinary interiors, furniture, and decor. My team is a collaboration of artists. Yes, they are professional architects, designers, ceramists, and PR specialists. Yet they would not be here if art doesn’t guide them” — tells Sergey Makhno, the founder of Sergey Makhno Architects


We create.

Meter by meter we create new worlds. With trees growing in a living room and lamps in the size of a man. Where the bathroom can be in a glass box and tiles repeat the form of a bird. We respect nature and create projects in collaboration with it, choosing natural materials and colors: wood, concrete, copper, clay, flax. Because things have to amaze.


In October 2017, we opened ceramic manufacture to create clay products by ourselves: tile, dishes, decor, lighting, and sculptures. Every single product is custom made. The point is not to oppress nature, but to create in collaboration with it. We could make hundreds of perfect-sized products, yet we create unique ones, filled with the energy of the artist, and the spirit of the Universe.

In our products, we connect Japanese and Ukrainian traditions. Each item is like a human — two identical living beings simply don’t exist.

"What is SMA product design? Well, it is Ukrainian mountains, woods, and a grandmother’s tale of a summer evening. Contemporary art, Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and the warmth of our hearts", — confesses Sergey Makhno, the ceramist, designer and founder of Sergey Makhno Architects.


Everything starts with Sergey Makhno and our product department. It is a collaboration of 3 designers: Ihor Havrylenko, Ulyana Zachkevych, and Oleh Havrysh. They control the process from creating the concept to realization. The concepts are examined by Sergey Makhno, our designers, and architects, and if agreed, they go right to the realization stage.

“There is a simple recipe to create something great. Take a blank paper and a pencil, start with putting a dot and wait until your hand starts moving. Somehow it already knows what you want. Under that pencil, we got most of our furniture, lighting, and decor. Our product department is a nest for talented. If you are here, then wait for something great” — admits Ihor Havrylenko, the head of the product department.

SMA ceramic manufacture consists of 3 zones: for ceramists, artists, and a separate space for a furnace and shelves with clay products drying. What do we have there? A Japanese furnace, pottery wheels, sketches on the walls and the hands of the artist. Everything is 100% handmade, handpainted, handloved.

“It’s not typical manufacture. Every work needs its own approach. For example,  if it is a plate, it will take about 6 days to make it from a piece of clay to a ready object. Sometimes our products break under the temperature in the furnace. Always a tragedy, but never a reason to stop” — tells the chief ceramist Aleksander Yarovy. 

Today, we are conquering the Design Weeks in Paris, Eindhoven, and Milan. Our Flapjack and Tetrapod tile won the RedDot Award in 2017. Our lighting Khmara was the trend zone king at Paris Design Week in 2019. Also, there are hundreds of publications and mentions at famous design platforms.


Our office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine at 2 Mekhanizatoriv Street, Office 482. Also, you can email us at or call + 38 067 555 55 15. We will always answer.

Art tastes like Sergey Makhno Architects. 
Wanna try?

Author — Alina Kulyk
Main visual — Roman Mykhailov
In-text visuals — Nikita Uvarov
Videos — Sergey Makhno production 

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