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Sergey Makhno Architects
January 16, 2019


January 18-22
The suburbs of Paris
One of the most important international events in the design field – 

Sergey Makhno Architects will present “Ukrsavana” project at the Ukrainian Design Brands Vol2 group booth at Maison&Objet-2019. “Ukrsavana” is an amazing world of product design with Ukrainian traditions and nature as co-authors. It is a place far from the city and worries, where the notion of “bustle” remains unknown. Products and decor here live out of time and create their own rules.

What is “Ukrsavana” going to amaze Paris with?

1. Tile “Grass”

Tile Grass is refreshed by rain, dried by the sun, painted with a full moon. Made in limited quantities at studio’s own ceramic production. It has the ability to transform the space, depending on color and the way it is located on the walls.

2. “Uma” Lamps

Uma lamps are birds that were the first settlers of Ukrsavana. They warm frozen ground and tired hearts with the magic of their light. Made in copper, ceramics, and love.

3. “Elephant” Armchair

One day after the sunset armchairs and sofas from The Elephant Collection have got tremendous ears. The inhabitants of Ukrsavana wanted coziness and solitude, and the elephants have done everything possible to help them protect their personal space.

4. “Bijou” Lamp-table

Bojou was born to simplify life with a combination of functions, dressed in simple aesthetics.

5. “Perekotypole” ceramics

According to the beliefs of Ukrsavana, in the house where there is a cup or a vase Perekotypole, there will always be enough time for traveling and adventure.

For the first time at Maison&Objet

For the first time, Ukrainian design will be presented in the trend zone. Khmara lamp was chosen to be there.  

Khmara lamp is designed to illuminate the world with tenderness. Rain never falls from it. It smells like candy floss and tastes like a summer morning. Khmara turns the ceiling into a sky filled with birds singing.

It was selected by French trend specialist François Bernard for his space “What’s New?” at HALL 1. His 20-year collaboration with Maison&Objet this year will continue with the Share zone, which focuses on 5 tastes: sweet, savory, spicy, tart and bitter. Each taste provokes color, texture and a whole imaginary world with appropriate styles, from classical to modern. White Khmara, according to François, is savory – it is about rough natural materials that create a warm and modern rustic feel.

“This zone is focused on sincerity and hospitality, that only make sense if we really start listening to others and showing them our gratitude. Showing gratitude prompts a sense of self-worth”, – says François Bernard about his future trend-zone.

“Ukrsavana” authors are the founder of the studio Sergey Makhno, chief architect Illia Tovstonog, head of the product department Ihor Havrylenko, and product designer Ulyana Zachkevych.

“Our experience of participating in international exhibitions shows that the world is interested in Ukraine, our traditions and culture. And we share all that with love. Our representation in the world, a formation of such a concept as “Ukrainian design” – that is the reason we wake up in the morning. And the fact that our product has been chosen to a trend-zone once seemed like an unreal dream. So, our waking up is not that useless”, – says Sergey Makhno, the founder of Sergey Makhno Architects studio.

Find us at the TODAY sector, HALL 6, stand D59. 

The project is organized by Maîno Design Ukraine with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is funded under the EU4Business initiative of the European Union.


Authors – Daria Sushko, Tetiana Vakula
Main visual – Nikita Uvarov
In-text visuals – Illia Tovstonog, Ihor Havrylenko, Ulyana Zachkevych

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