Inside Beauty: Sergey Makhno Architects at iSaloni-2019

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Ukrainian design studio Sergey Makhno Architects will present its product design at the main design stage of Europe iSaloni.Salone del Mobile.Milano. The studio will demonstrate its author’s lighting and furniture collection in the main pavilion of the exhibition at Hall 9, Stand G16. 

About stand: 100 square meters in the Ukrainian

Sergey Makhno Architects stand will occupy an area of 100 sq.m, presenting handmade ceramic lighting of a limited edition. Product design of the studio is a mix of Ukrainian traditions, contemporary design, and art.  Critics’ attention is now being increasingly focused on Ukrainian design as the one that is about to become the next big thing.

As far as architecture is one of the areas the company is engaged in, it couldn’t be overpassed while constructing the stand. A large cube will hang in the air at the height of 1,5 meters. It will shelter the main exposition — ceramic lamps Volcano and Crust smothered with the ceiling greenery. And underneath — Oleksandr Yarovy, the chief ceramist of the workshop, will work at the pottery wheel during the whole exhibition.

About the products: Art with heart

Among the ceramic art-lamps, Milan will be hit with:


A ceramic cloud that never rains. It smells like cotton candy and tastes like a summer morning. Khmara transforms the ceiling into the sky full of birds singing.


The only volcano in the world that is absolutely safe and can-should-must be placed at home. When the darkness comes, the lava of light spills all over the space filling it with warmth.

designer lamp


The little amigos exploring the spaces, giving light to the cold floors, and tasting the ceilings with their tentacles. Oh yes, medusa moms will be very proud.


A lamp that blooms from inside. The inner blossom warmth up everything around, and features the space with a soft gleam. Ceramic Sowa will be on guard of the nights and days, home beasts and newcomers.

Design lamp Sowa


The three Crust brothers were made in ancient Japanese technology of raku. They share the same materials and color array. Yet, they are different inside. Thin is the oldest Crust brother with a passionate copper inside. It is a high-browed snow mountain coated in the iron sky.

designer ceramic lamp


The three Crust brothers were made in ancient Japanese technology of raku. They share the same materials and color array. Yet, they are different inside. Flattened is the middle Crust brother with a cold silver inside. It is glacier with a crusty volcano surface.

designer ceramic lamp


The three Crust brothers were made in ancient Japanese technology of raku. They share the same materials and color array. Yet, they are different inside. Thick is the youngest Crust brother with a heated bronze inside. It is the ice flash on the hot stormy land.

designer lamp


Makivka grows out of the ceiling. The ceramic poppy-head tickles the glances with a silky light coming from the rough random holes. It is the blossom of the Ukrainian soul.

Also, Sergey Makhno will present Red Dot awarded tiles and a collection of furniture, including wooden-ceramic table Dnipro, and Elephants in chairs and armchairs. You’re going to be home right in the center of design exhibition.

About the philosophy of the collection: Inside. Out

To admire, eyes need just the outer. But when it’s the life you will share, outer is not enough. You have to look deeper. Inside there is beauty, energy, and true power. The world that is good with the cover, speed, and perfection takes the liberty to neglect the inner. Basically, that’s why it always comes to an end.

“My whole life I’ve been searching for the beauty. Now I create my own one from all the available things around. The more I work with it, the more clearly I understand — the true beauty is inside. And when somebody lets you peek into their inner — we see their essence, we see how a masterpiece is flourished on the verge of possibility”, — shares Sergey Makhno, the founder and creative director of the company.

About the author: Sergey Makhno and the team

Sergey Makhno Architects is a workshop of contemporary Ukrainian design based in Kyiv. More than 600 projects have been already realized in 17 countries from Canada to Germany and Azerbaijan. The design studio is the winner of numerous awards including Red Dot, International Property Awards, SBID etc. with publications in Dezeen, Yatzer, Design Milk and others.

“My first iSaloni was 10 years ago. It was the bus to Italy and an overnight stay on its floor. I couldn’t realize how it was possible — I was overloaded with a great amount of amazing design. Since then, I have been visiting this exhibition every year. 5 years ago in fear and trembling, I started to dream of our own stand. Today with the same fear and trembling, I realize that our stand will hit iSaloni in a few weeks, and Sergey Makhno Architects team will be honored to present our design”, — says Sergey Makhno.

The concept of the stand was also designed by the architect Oleksandr Kovpak, and the chief product designer of the company Ihor Havrylenko.


Author — Tetiana Vakula, Lina Kulyk
Main visual — Looch Studio


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