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When it comes to food, everything needs to be delicious.

At Sergey Makhno Architects, we create one-of-a-kind handmade dishes for real devotees.

What do we have here? Sets of cups and plates, teapots, kettles, and tea boxes made from ceramics, covered with gloss or mat glaze; chopping board sets made from ash & oak, flatware and sweets tray made from bronze.

Every item is exclusive since produced in special author’s or raku technique in a single copy. Dishes may differ in size and shape, but one thing is always the same – a sense of harmony they create.

Sergey Makhno designer dishes impress the imagination with their original shapes, and colors, and textures. That’s because there’s so much beauty in this world, and it has no limits. We are trying to efface the boundaries between the generally accepted vision of dishes and the other one – that challenges and excites.

Beauty is different than we were said it is.
It is natural, charismatic, desirable. And always delicious.