Makhno x Kofta

OBITOVANA 5019: A futuristic collaboration of Sergey Makhno and Konstantin Kofta

A workshop of Ukrainian design and architecture Sergey Makhno Architects in collaboration with a couture design studio Kofta has created a collection of furniture and accessories OBITOVANA 5019. This project has become their eco-manifesto and contemplation about what our future can be like.

Limited collection
OBITOVANA 5019 is a space without walls and ceilings, without fences and borders. Here there are no rules and obligations. Everyone is familiar with each other — there are no strangers under the same sky. The whole world here is home.
The words “war”, “mobile phone”, “internet” have become archaisms, they are no longer remembered. If you talk — then face to face only, if you eat — then together and slowly. To fight — but for what? People are fine with what they already have. Here, a human starts anew shaping another reality out from harmony and freedom, while the world nurtures a pure-to-the-bones human — the real one.
Limited collection

“Collaboration with Kofta is an attempt to taste the postfuturism. We are telling the story about the mode of life after the future. OBITOVANA 5019 is our dream to be part of building the world we want to have, not the one we are predicted”, — shares Sergey Makhno, the architect and founder of Sergey Makhno Architects.

The collection consists of a table without a tabletop, a cold floor lamp and a warm one, a sofa-shell, a carpet-puzzle, and two flourishing bags-flowers. Every item is made in a single copy only. And every item has its own story. The names of the products are the names of butterflies that have gone extinct, rivers that have dried away, glaciers that have melted, islands that are drowning, and flowers that will never bloom again. In a new world, they will be alive again.

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