Lighting in the bathroom: Everything you should know



Sergey Makhno Architects
November 5, 2018


The bathroom stories are the most intimate. They tell about the closest connection of a place with yourself. That’s why every detail in this room needs to be in its extreme perfection, elegance, and functionality. 

Lighting is the bathroom king. It has been proved that our psychological condition depends on the choice of lighting. When the light sources are improper, you will feel intense irritancy and constant nervousness.

In an ideal scenario, there should be a combination of 3 lighting levels in order to distribute light throughout the space in the best way possible.

Designer – Maryna Grechko

The main light (180 cm and higher)

These sources are located on the ceiling. Spotlighting is the most popular option which is a great solution to the proportional distribution of light throughout the whole room. Moreover, it gives warm halo.

Designer – Maryna Grechko

Middle or working lighting (75 cm from the floor)

A mirror above the sink – is a compulsory element of the bathroom, so this zone needs to be enlightened more effectively. Ideally, the light should come from both sides, locating symmetrically above the eye level.

Designer – Illia Tovstonog

Low lighting (0-40 cm)

Used to create an atmosphere of the utmost relaxation. Inbuilt lighting or photodiode ribbons are used to dress the pedestal and niche, bath tube edges, decorative tap and other elements of the interior.


Designer – Aleksandr Kovpak

Natural light

In a perfect scenario, there are both: natural and artificial lighting. Daylight will fill the space with the soft flooding of the daylight or the smooth rivers of night.

Designer – Illia Tovstonog


The more there are lighting sources, the less should be their size and accordingly – their capacity. The main task is to find an optimal option with all the three lighting types included, perfectly harmonizing with each other and with the general space. 

Designer – Alexander Makhno

A bad choice of lighting can lead to a couple of inconveniences:

  • The absence of the powerful lighting source near the mirrors will make your cosmetic procedures uncomfortable or even impossible.
  • Inability to control the intensity of the light won’t let you relax.
  • Wrong lighting will make your bathroom look like a hospital room or a social toilet

Designer – Alexander Makhno
Lighting is the best interior designer, stress maker, and enhancer. 

Make sure it’s a king in your bathroom.

Author – Alina Kulyk
Main visual – Nikita Uvarov
Text visuals – renders by SMA architects

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