A Guide to Choosing & Maintaining Ceramics at Home: Tile, Lighting, Dishes, Decor

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Coziness, aesthetics and the warmth of the master’s hands are hidden in the authorial ceramic products of Sergey Makhno Architects. Last year, the studio opened its production of ceramics, and now each item is made by one person for another. It is manufactured in limited quantity, endowed with a unique character and filled with vivid energy. 

Therefore, it will take at least 6 days for a piece of clay to become a work of art. After all, the main task for the masters of Sergey Makhno Architects is to make ceramics a beautiful, durable and safe material. And your task is to choose the products correctly so that they become a practical solution, as well as a stylish element of your design for a lifetime.

Here is a small guide on choosing and maintaining ceramics at home, so that your love for tile, lamps, dishes, and decor will last forever. Often, it isn’t difficult. Warm water, a rag, and caution are enough for a daily care of these delicate and fragile products.

But how to choose the one and only for “a match” to happen?

Hot to choose and maintain ceramic tile?

Palm deservedly belongs to the bathrooms. Here the tile must be resistant to humidity and chemicals, as it is regularly exposed to alkaline solutions and cosmetics. The glossy tile looks more spectacular, reflects the light and is easier to wash, but drops and traces of dirt are clearly visible on it. When water gets on such a tile, it turns into a real rink. But the tile with a matte surface isn’t slippery, and there are no stains on it after washing.

In the kitchen, in addition to high humidity, there are grease and oil in contact with the ceramic surface. Therefore, the best option would be a tile with a non-slip coating, with high chemical resistance and dense structure. For the ceramic apron choose a tile which has a smooth surface and is resistant to temperature changes, chemical compounds, and corrosive environments.

In the hall, floor tile is most often used. As the most intensive movement is in this room, the main requirements for the tile are high resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress, ease of cleaning and resistance to household chemicals. It is good to use ceramics here due to its high strength.

Ceramics is also used for facade cladding. It is resistant to mechanical stress, aggressive environments, and harsh climatic conditions. It doesn’t fade even with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. For outdoor you can also use clinker tile. Besides high mechanical strength, it isn’t afraid of cold, sun, rain or strong chemicals, and is easy to clean.

Okay, the match has happened. The perfect tile is found. Now, how to extend your relationship? The answer is appropriate care. 

In case of minor contamination, it is enough to wipe the surface with a damp sponge and a soft dry cloth. With more pollution, you can use a window cleaner or a warm solution of mildly alkaline household detergents. Don’t use soap containing organic acids and fats. Because of high humidity, it can provoke the appearance of mold spores, as well as the appearance of a fatty membrane on the tile surface, which significantly reduces the glare of the glaze. Don’t use metal brushes and other abrasive products, especially when cleaning tiles with a glossy glaze. You can use a vacuum cleaner, brushes with natural soft bristles or clean rags instead.

How to choose and maintain ceramic lighting?

There are no special rules when choosing ceramic lamps. They are widely distributed because of their resistance to high heating temperatures. Therefore, there are many variations. So, be guided by your taste, experiment with shapes and sizes. Such a product can become a focal point in your living space.

Ceramic lamps are also easy to clean. Dust the product regularly, but carefully. Then rinse with a clean cloth and cold water. But before washing a piece, make sure that the top doesn’t flake off and that any colourful, gold-plated or printed drawings don’t dissolve in water.

How to choose and maintain ceramic dishes?

Note for cooking lovers: meals baked in clay pots are tastier and healthier than cooked in a pan. Thick-walled pottery retains heat for a long time. Pores of ceramic dishes absorb moisture. So, the food in it is languishing, while maintaining nutrients and becoming juicier. But if the dishes aren’t covered from the inside with a special glaze, their porous structure may adversely affect the delicacy. Pots perfectly absorb specific odors and flavors of previously cooked dishes. Therefore, for food not to have an extrinsic smell, it is necessary to have separate dishes for preparing different meals. If this is not possible, then to destroy that smell by washing them thoroughly in warm water with baking soda. Using household detergent isn’t recommended. Before cooking another meal, the dishes should be roasted in the oven. But remember that temperature drops are forbidden for ceramics. Otherwise, due to the uneven distribution of heat, it may crack. Therefore, put the pottery in a still cold oven and keep temperature tolerance. Store it in an open, better-inverted form. 

How to choose and maintain ceramic decor?

The artistic variety and richness of the ceramic decor will not leave anyone indifferent. Choose the one that speaks to your heart and we will help to make your favorite products serve as long as possible. Just follow the basic care rule: no acid-based abrasive detergents, no metal brushes, only wiping with a damp sponge or piece of cloth. Don’t expose ceramics to strong light or store in the dark because it may discolor. Try to avoid displaying it in areas of vibration and passing traffic and putting it on rough surfaces as they can scratch the base. Make sure that decorations aren’t too close to each other to avoid scuffs and damages.

Ceramics isn’t a picky friend. Admire it, take care and then it will decorate your space during a lifetime without losing its relevance. We hope this guide will help you find the piece that you will love for the rest of your life.

Author — Victoria Tokatly
Main visual — Nikita Uvarov

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