Future belongs to architects: The most trending solutions in 2018



Sergey Makhno Architects
January 22, 2018


Architects are on guard of our future. And, let’s be honest, it looks truly spectacular. Dig in the hottest architectural trends of 2018 that will form our lifestyle in the next years.

1. Artsy staircases

Enjoy every trip you take (even if it’s a stairway to the second floor). Architects do their best to make the staircases more enjoyable. They enclose the stairs in the steel fin-like structures or build two curving stairways encircling its cor (facing a mind-blowing view). Others think that stairs are boxes-and-platforms-like or that they need to be a gorgeous concrete tower of interconnected staircases. This year stairs will take more attention than the destination itself.

2. Skinny houses

Living space is no longer a problem – a skinny home can fit any footage. In order to avoid claustrophobic issues, corridors and internal walls are sometimes removed entirely. To ensure a good level of natural light, skinny houses always have high ceilings and spacious central atria. With simplicity in mind, any building can get as skinny as possible.

3. Gravity-defying buildings

Airy buildings. Airy hearts. A cantilever is a protruded beam attached to a definite structure at one end. Earlier this technology was used for building bridges, nowadays – it’s a proof of the limitless aspiration of a human mind. Every cantilever is another chance to push the boundaries of what can be built on the complex terrains.

4. Floating architecture as a reaction to climate change

Climate change has posed a lot of questions that need immediate reactions. One of those is an urgent need to prepare cities for coping with rising sea levels. Architects found a solution – floating buildings. Starting from a 46,000 square-meter building on an artificial island designed by a cooperation of BIG and Barcode Architects, ending with a Nigerian set of floating radio stations and schools by Kunlé Adeyemi. The aim – to try to live with water, not fight it.

5. Spectacular pool designs

When the sky is a continuation of the pool, and the pool is a continuation of eternity. No words. Just look.

Hotel Hubertus in the Alps, Austria (NOA)

Casa Brutale, Beirut (OPA and LAAV Architects)

Mirage House, Greece (Kois Associated Architects)


Author — Alina Kulyk
Main visual — Dmitiy Savva

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