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Sergey Makhno Architects
October 18, 2018


If not us, then who?

The question posed by Dutch Design Week 2018 will be answered by the product designers from all around the world on 20 – 28 October in Eindhoven. The main goal is to show that designers are able to turn the world around with their altering creative approaches.

“Designers think up solutions, create innovations, make things tangible and functional. They look at their surroundings and the world in a unique way. How could it be different, better? Designers continually supply authentic and surprising answers.” – Martijn Paulen, Dutch Design Week director

This year more than 2,600 participants will present their works to over 335,00 visitors from all the world corners across more than 100 locations around the city. Numbers impress, people enrapture. We can’t wait to see 6 most expected exhibitions at DDW 2018!

Mind the step by Universities of Technology Eindhoven, Delft & Twente

An exhibition that showcases 50 intriguing technology-based designs as a result of scientific research. Here you will find out how seeing and blind people can play together, how cars can become safer, how neighborhoods can be printed with a concrete printer and a lot more and a lot bigger. Definitely worth paying a visit.

Creative Ukraine: Modern_Ism 

Ukrainian creative community investigates the definition of modernism as an attempt to innovate, experiment with forms, materials, and techniques during the major social changes. Among the representatives of this team is the architectural studio Sergey Makhno Architects with the armchair “Botan” and the ceramic set “Travellers”.

Armchair “Botan” was conceived as a lamp but transformed into a “cache” for eccentrics and book-dependent ones. Sound&visual insulation in a sitting, lying, drawing positions, in a dream.

The set of ceramic vases and lamps “Travellers” traveled for years and absorbed the smallest details of nations, cultures, palettes from the most remote corners of our planet, in order to tell stories known only by them.

“It is very important to show the world that Ukrainian design exists. That it is modern and unique. And if several years ago the world looked at us with suspicion, now the Ukrainian stands are in the lenses of all the world media”, – Sergey Makhno, the head of the Sergey Makhno Architects studio.

Renault SYMBIOZ – Mobiliteit van de toekomst 

Renault Symbioz is a combination of home and car being an exclusive mobility solution for the future. As a single ecosystem, it is supposed to answer the question about the utmost flexibility in the globalized world. Renault Symbioz is about a unique experience of being home and on the road simultaneously. Go to Ketelhuisplein and watch how the future looks like.

Robot love 

An interactive exhibition with 50 designers, artists, and scientists talking about the love between robots and humans. Can robots love? Can people love them back? With the help of installations, workshops, lectures, short films, meetings, and shows about robots and artificial intelligence, you will discover the whole new world – the world where technologies and science influence us, the fragile society, in an especially dramatic way.

28 grams of happiness – sensorial food experience by The Eatelier & Pippens

An intriguing and eye-opening eating experience that translates scientific research into the world of food by answering the questions: Why do we like definite food? Do we get happier and smarter by choosing the right food? And finally – does food make us happy and why so many things depend on what we eat? Come to taste the future.

Home smart home exhibition by VPRO Medialab

When you live on your own, there are always your smart devices. You’re living the Internet, and it knows everything about you. VPRO Medialab analyzes the options of living together with a smart device in the future. There are two rooms: the Connect room which is meant to show you the brand new devices that improve the household running and the Disconnect room intended to detach a person from all the digital systems with the help of special artworks. And it’s you who makes a choice.

“It is up to us all to embrace and stimulate these creative solutions, and that includes you. If not you, then who? Together we decide how the world will look. Now it’s our turn. If not us, then who?” – Martijn Paulen, Dutch Design Week director

Author – Alina Kulyk
Main visul – Nikita Uvarov

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