Copper in da house: Exquisite light, decor, and furniture



Sergey Makhno Architects
November 22, 2017


There are 3 things everyone should know about copper:

  1. It’s fancy as hell
  2. It has great physical properties (you can do almost everything with it)
  3. It heals

So, we have a super-hero metal. Designers love it (the reasons are pretty clear). We use copper for making bright accents and the results are totally worth it.


The copper chandelier is the art per se. Take a look at our Kvitka – a flower-like lamp with blue petals and magical copper inside. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Zerno lamp impresses from the first sight. An eternal Ukrainian mystery. Luxurious. Bold. Trimming. Is that copper or magic?

Oh, this one is love. Nebo – a piece of the sky enlightened with slight sun rays. It’s pure excitement to live under this kind of light – mod, delicious, and warm.

We have more copper lighting. And we love it. Because it’s different, honest and always feels like home.


Copper decor elements are like the first autumn leaves – everybody notices them and admires. Unlike snazzy gold and arctic silver, copper is about charm, warmth, and affection. Try not to overdose, though. Use copper to make accents, not fuss.


Copper chairs? Check.
Copper tables? Check.

And a lot more: separate tabletops, bed and armchair bases, chair and coffee table legs etc.

Wow. Just imagine the level of sophistication, when an ordinary furniture item has copper elements. Totally different view. Totally different perception. Exclusive design. Unique atmosphere.

No doubts, copper is rock’n’roll.
Does your apartment feel like rock’n’roll? No? Then it’s high time to copper it up.

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