W&W: Credenzas with trays at Italian brunch

Type: lighting Dimensions: 25 variations Material: wood, metal Color: white, olive, beige, orange, wooden Author: Sergey Makhno, Ihor Havrylenko Rome, Italy. 3 pm. Waitresses and waiters are waltzing among the tables with the trays full…



Uma: A lamp that flies high

Type: lighting Dimensions: 310 x 260 mm Material: ceramics, copper Color: a palette of natural shades Authors: Sergey Makhno, Ulyana Zachkevych Uma lamps are birds that were the first settlers in a magical land called…



Bijou: Table-lamp dialogue

Type: floor lamp + coffee table Materials: stone, marble, steel Designers: Sergey Makhno, Ihor Havrylenko Year: 2017 Posted on Design Milk, ADRussia, Ambientes, Design Mate Everything we do starts with the consumer. Bijou was born…



Collectible design: Art based on emotions

Grandpa stories   It all started with a Scotch. It all started with a Scotch architect Charles Mackintosh. In 1897, he founded the Art school in Glasgow. Later, an Austrian architect Josef Hofmann appeared on…