How to make something extra from an ordinary interior: Bila Wabi Sabi

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If you are looking for a quick refreshment or something more significant to transform your interior, there are some well-known design tricks to get the high-end look you dream of.

Details are the key to converting an ordinary space into a piece of living art.

It could be just the supplement of a lamp, a carpet or just a simple plate. So, let’s check out how these small elements make an impact on decorating your home.

Take a look at Bila Wabi Sabi Apartment, created by Sergey Makhno Architects in Kyiv. This apartment is the apogee of a state of peace and cleanliness, where there is a lot of free space and air. At the same time, it is full of decorative thoughtful pieces, which are the focal points of the living space. All designer furnishings are charmingly simple, effective in use, functional and devoid of intentionality.


Handmade light is an important part of the wabi-sabi concept as it searches for harmony with nature. Thus, the bluish copper lamp in the bedroom resembles a stream, which cuts across the wheat fields with a straight line. In the interior, it serves as an accent because of its touch and color.



Use rugs to add great texture and warmth to your living space. Hardwood floors lack the comfort that carpeted floors offer, especially in the cooler months. But such made of natural material carpet, which looks like ears of golden wheat due to its weaving, will always remind you of warm summer days.


A completely original trio of lamps “Umbrellas” continues the theme of handmade light. It is not toxic rain which painted these ceramic umbrella lamps in such vivid contrasting colors, it is the freedom of imagination. Lamps create an atmosphere of security as if they are sheltering the farmer from the torrential rain that irrigated the sown field.



Clouds are hovering over the ceramic bathroom like airships in the sky. They never rain. Made of flax and wood, they are created to light up the world with the tenderness. Warm hues and natural materials of this heavenly cotton candy embody awakening beauty of a summer morning.



Wabi Sabi’s philosophy is in the wise charm of the balance of the ordinary. Thus, even usual white plates can spice up your interior. We made two ceramic plates as prominent as possible in the kitchen composition, keep them clean and clutter free. Our tasty plates are inedible, but they will definitely make your meal special.


These little ceramic creatures were inherited by Sergey Makhno’s imagination from Japan to Ukraine. Keeping the history of the “Sado” — Japanese technology of tea drinking, the cups remind us of those that Slavs used to drink from to quench their thirst during the harvest. And now these elements organically decorate the contemporary interior.


We conclude our selection of tips with this gentle and original little friend which will warm you up in any weather. Made in exceptional Japanese raku technology, this ceramic teapot will turn your family or friends gatherings into a real oriental tea-drinking ceremony.


On the example of Bila Wabi Sabi Apartment, we have just shown you how even the most ascetic and discreet interior can come to life with the help of appropriate decor elements. So, make your own unique space like a true artist and do not forget: beauty is in the details.


Author — Viktoriia Tokatly
Main visual — Nikita Uvarov

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