Bijou: Table-lamp dialogue



Sergey Makhno Architects
August 31, 2018


Type: floor lamp + coffee table

Materials: stone, marble, steel

Designers: Sergey Makhno, Ihor Havrylenko

Year: 2017

Posted on Design Milk, ADRussia, Ambientes, Design Mate

Everything we do starts with the consumer. Bijou was born to simplify our lives because of combined functions. It’s a minimalist combo of a lamp and a coffee table. Functionality dressed in a simple aesthetics.

Bijou was born in the pursuit of minimalistic and practical beauty, in the search of wilderness and coziness, in the life-long admiration of flamingos with their long legs, sophisticated necks, and pink flashes. Bijou is a home flamingo – tells the chief product designer Ihor Havrylenko.

Bijou means small and elegant, and smart. The lamp has a flexible steel stem with an integrated LED head that can be rotated 180 degrees. You can direct the head according to your needs adjusting a personal comfort light.

The form reveals designers’ long-standing admiration for a stone. In combination with other materials, designers have proved that stone could be much more than a stone. It can be love.

It looks constant and strong like a sculpture but carries external lightness and universality to adapt to different surroundings.


Bijou is for her. Elegant and self-sufficient. She has no free time but wants her home to look stunning. She isn’t obsessed with trends and prefers things that are beyond time, sort of timeless beauty.

Bijou is for him. Strong and reasonable. He likes practical objects that will save the space and serve more than one function. Something basic and lifelong.

The main function of Bijou is to welcome you home.

You can use the lamp as a reading light or additional ambiance in the evening time.

Author – Anastasia Savchenko, Alina Kulyk
Visuals – Ihor Havrylenko

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