“Beehive” lamp: Ukrainian traditions in lighting design



Sergey Makhno Architects
October 17, 2017


Lighting defines you.

It defines the way shades fall on your face, the way light touches your skin, the way your smile shines the brightest, the way you feel comfortable, you feel at home.

Every space can be illuminated in a different mode. All you need to do is to choose the right lamp.

Futuristic Lighting Trends

A forward-thinking design is already a thing of the past. Today the focus of lighting conceptions confidently took the futuristic direction. Every item is created for the future – time when everything is possible, when unexpected appears to be normal, and when the contrast shapes the harmony.

Ethnic patterns and hand-crafted products are getting more and more popular among the modern design connoisseurs. Organic shapes combined with the vibes of nature itself form a genuine comfort. The fusion of a terse modern interior design with vibrant ethnic motives makes any place a place to remember, a place you want to stay longer at.

Sergey Makhno Architects incorporates authentic Ukrainian materials into modern design. It’s a totally different perception of art with a brand new vision of Ukrainian culture.

The Idea of a “Beehive” Lamp

A“Beehive” lamp is a bright illustration of time mix. The designer, Sergey Makhno, created this piece as a symphony to his childhood memory – a visit to granny, which was always about the calmness of the village, the smell of herbs and honey, and peace of mind. With a sincere desire to recall the feeling of childhood serenity and with a strong volition to look into the future, Sergey Makhno creates a “Beehive” lamp. It’s way more than a part of furnishing, it’s a part of calmness you feel only at home.

The “Beehive” Materials

The “Beehive” is made of steel and linen. The construction associates with a big, a little clumsy bear, which smells like honey and wax. But the real magic is from the inside – a sunflower with hundreds of petals lighten in a different specific way. Do you imagine what an extraordinary experience it is to sit under something spellbinding like this?

The “Beehive” Interior Ideas

The “Beehive” is a perfect supplement for any place where people get together and relax. It’s a great choice for a boutique hotel, coffee house or a restaurant of an enchanting style.

The “Beehive” is about to make you feel home. An industrial loft may become a sanctuary of kindness and love. A bedroom may become a place of the sweetest dreams. A room with a fireplace may become a place of the most heartfelt talks. A terrace may become a favorite conversation pit. Why? Because lighting defines everything.

The transformation of traditional Ukrainian elements into unique forms of modern design is the basic idea brought to life by Sergey Makhno Architects. The “Beehive” is a remarkable example of a sophisticated lighting conception that totally changes the overall perception of the space. It sets the tone of warmth and contentment to wherever you want to feel home.

Light up your world with the right lamp.


Author — Alina Kulyk

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