Art attack at Miami Beach: Art Basel 2017



Sergey Makhno Architects
December 6, 2017


Johny is again on his way!

This time, he will enjoy the 16th edition of Art Basel (7-10th December) under the sweetest sun, the tallest palms and the most welcoming breeze coming from the Atlantic ocean – at Miami Beach.



Johny couldn’t miss Art Basel 2017, you know. First off, because it’s Miami, baby! The second reason is Art Basel itself – a definitely must-go event and here’s why:

  • 268 galleries representing more than 4,000 artists from 32 countries. Contemporary art overload is guaranteed.
  • 77,000 art dealers, collectors, artists, and aficionados. And Johny is one of them!
  • More than 20 satellite fairs – the spotlights on the newest of the new.
  • A wilderness of parties and art events. A whirlwind of non-stop revelry.

Hang in there, Johny.



A question. How to make it everywhere?
An answer. Mission Impossible.

That’s why our friend Johny made a BaseList 2017 – all the galleries, fairs, events and parties you just cannot miss. You. Just. Cannot.

Let’s see what we’ve got here.



1. The first and only place you need to start your Art Basel journey, according to Johny, is Miami Beach Convention Center.

It’s a centerpiece of all the art happening in Miami. The 500,000 feet space is divided into 9 sectors: Galleries (pretty clear), Nova (previously unknown works), Positions (one artist’s project), Edition (RR publications – rare and remarkable), Kabinett (theme-based exhibition), Survey (historical artworks), Public (thought-provoking sculptures and installations), Film (pretty clear), Magazines (awesome art publications).



2. Equally insane satellite fairs (Johny underlines the word “insane”): the greatest celebration of design culture – Design Miami and the most compelling contemporary artworks at Art Miami, Pulse, Scope, Red Dot Miami, and Superfine!.



3. (Unparalleled) Artist talks and debate club for those like Johny – eager to learn. Must-visit-listen-and-talk meetings are:

  • Artworld Talk | Abstraction in Reverse (7 December)
  • Public/Private | Digital Museums and Virtual Audiences (8 December)
  • Art Market Talk | Global Business Models (8 December)
  • Artist Talk | Natural Disasters – Whose Crisis is it? (8 December)
  • Creative Cities Talk | Culture-led Urban Regeneration (9 December)
  • Curator Talk | I was Raised on the Internet (9 December)



4. Johny made up an amazing quote about Art Basel parties at Miami Beach. It says “A sign of a good day ending is an Art Basel night party. A sign of a good day beginning is the same”. And what Miami Beach offers in equal proportion to the works of art is parties (mind the stem “art”). This is something you can’t avoid. It just goes your way.



Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 – is not merely a huge exhibition. Johny assures it’s an unparalleled event that will alter, deepen, stretch and widen your imagination with the help of art. And where art is found, Johny is never far behind.

Remember, someday you will leave Art Basel Miami Beach 2017, but it will never leave your heart.

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