What we do?

Meter by meter we create new worlds with trees growing in a living room, lamps in the size of a man, and tiles repeating the form of a bird.
We choose natural materials and colors: wood, concrete, copper, clay, flax. We don’t process the textures. We find beauty around and complete it.

about Sergey Makhno Architects

How we do it?

We create things inside out.
To admire, eyes need just the outer. But when it’s the life you will share, outer is not enough. You have to look deeper. Inside there is beauty, energy, and true power.

Things come to life when they are home. Without it, they are unable to tell what they really are. It is home where a usual ceramic vase becomes an heirloom and the whole interior centers around it. Sergey Makhno Architects strives to create the exact such things. There are just a few of them, and each one has a history, place, and sense. Things don’t want to be numerous. Things want to be home. Things want to be seen from inside.

Our mission.

Our vision is to see beyond sight. We experiment with materials, textures, and forms trying to create something timeless — a piece of art that will exist beyond time. We believe that beauty creates beauty. To make more beautiful things around, we turned our design into art. Hence, we art the world.

Our client

We create for those who are obsessed with beauty as we are. They disagree with just “fine”. They inspire us with shining eyes and a desire to change. Together, we create new worlds.

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